Wednesday, August 29, 2007

bug off from the highway!!!

Who said driving on a highway is better??? Highway was created to make people's life simpler but this is not the case anymore.

Highway, freeway, motorway, whatever shit you wanna call it are supposed to give drivers a smoother and jam-free journey. But there are some buggers exploit it unethically. As usual, I was driving from home to office via NKVE this morning. Smooth traffic at the beginnning, do not take into account the "Q" at the bloody tol plaza (i ran out of T&G credit). After the tol, turning up the slighly curved slope, I could see some cars remaining stagnant before the turn-out to the main highway... What the heck!!! What's happening?? I could not see any further! Later on, some superbikes decorated with flags were "flying" damn fast followed by group of four-wheelers. Damn!!! Merdeka Race?? I do not know!! God, please allow me to move, I'm gonna be late!!! It was a 20 mins wait. I ended up 20 minutes late!!

To whatever organiser of such event:

Come on, if you wanna organise such kind of event, please do it elsewhere (race track, suburban area). Do a survey, see how much traffic is on that particular highway! 20 minutes is huge especally to those in a hurry. Have you ever thought about others? Someone might be in rush to a meeting that could possibly lead to a win on project tender. Someone might be carrying a person with severe injuries, heading towards hospital....

Think!!! time waster!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

layered cakes (Kek Lapis) by layersense - a truly sarawakian delight!

Recently, I got to know this layered cake from my closest friend! In fact, she is one of the co-founder of layersense, layered cake maker. Well, I was waiting for weeks before I got hold of one sample from her after weeks of buzzing. Apparently, what makes it so unique and different from other contemporary cakes is its colourful and sophiscated design. Colourful? Do not worry, layersense uses safe and natural colouring that will not harm your body.

The design of the cake can be anything. What presented to me were a “ketupat” (Malay rice cake) design and an abstract layers design. According to my friends, the making of the layered cake is not as easy as the normal cake because the layers of the cake are built and topped one by one, pretty time consuming.

I am not a big fans of cake (cheese case is ok, haha), but when I delivered it to my mouth and moved my jaw up and down, I was surprised that the cake is not that sweet and it is flavoured. I tried chocolate-cheese, kiwi, and lemon. Nice, I would say.

Another thing that surprise me is the cakes can be kept in the fridge for a whopping 6 months! Crazy eh?

Layersense is targeting to bring up the wave of layered cake in this coming Hari Raya. The cakes will be well packaged and wrapped if to be given as a hamper.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

negarakuku rocks

New Kid on the block... I thought finally we have a made-in-malaysia rapper born after watching his music video namely: negarakuku and music: Muar's Chinese. The first impression came to my mind is: Wow, this guy is talented and brave. And i think he will be making a wave in the rapping scene in Malaysia. This guy is really brave. He voiced out what other Malaysian Chinese dare not to. He dared to challenge the government and criticised what he thinks is not fair.

But sadly he admitted his guilt earlier and apologised publicly. But why? Most people thinks his song contains anti-government and racial sentiments. Is that so? It depends how people inteprete his lyrics. In his song, there is one sentence: morning's azzan sounds like R&B song. Personally, i think R&B is quite nice to listen... Isn't it a good thing?

Come on, when I was studying in the U.K, raid and strike as well as public demonstration are so common that you can see them everyday in the newspaper and T.V. Why is that so? They are simply not being treated fairly and not satisfied with the government. They just simply voice out what they think is not right. Isn't it the way of what democracy should be? Where is the freedom of speech?

Anyway, i think this fella is just trying to make news and make himself famous only. Nice music anyway.

Check out his blog here:

Sunday, August 12, 2007

cuppacakes, cake in cup

Ashamed to say that, this is the only cake I received during my last birthday. Haha, but I am happy to have such a cute little cake as my present. At first glance, it looks more like a muffin, can be finished in few bites. The only difference is, the cream sitting on the top of the cake, which like normal cream that can be found in other type of cakes. The selling point of the cake is its design. It can be customised to suit customers' preferences. Like mine one, it's a "love" design! Not to forget, its name is : CUPPACAKES

Check it out here:

Friday, August 10, 2007

intro to my music style vol. 2

This morning, woke up at 10:30pm, i was craving for some food for my ears although my stomach was also making noise. I searched through my collection and here came the sound of DJ Mark Farina feeding up my ears.

He was exposed to me not long ago, not more than 2 years i think. But he has been quite a famous DJ in S.F. For some dance music enthusiasts, ya might know that mixing music of different genres can be kinda challenging. But he does it quite well.

His music styles: House, Electronica, Down-tempo, acid jazz

Check out his mushroom jazz series.

Check him out here:,

on my air now: Mushroom Jazz 5

Thursday, August 9, 2007

muro mixes, i just love it

A thrilling Old Shool Mixed Tape Listen to this when you are stoned!
Above are my Muro Mixes. In fact, I own more than that. Thanks to my Japanese friend, Shita for introducing his music to me. I have been loving since then. Listening to his music had been in my daily must-do list when I was in the U.K.

intro to my music style vol. 1

Dj Muro, dj i like the most, kicks out real styles of hip-hop, funk, old school etc. Having been listening to his music for more than 4 years, his music really makes my night shines. Even brighter, when stoned.

Check him out here: